Return Policy
We are confident that you will definitely be satisfied with our products. If you have any problems regarding any of our products please contact us using the Customer Support form available here.

Ordering Error
If you have made errors entering your personal information on the order form, please do not reorder the product again. In case of order duplicate, please contact our Customer Support. Include your order number (Invoice number) in the request. If you order our product by mistake, there will be no refunds given.

If you did not receive the Unlock Code or Full Version of the product
After your payment has cleared, an email will be sent to you with the unlock code to unlock the purchased product. This information should be emailed to you in 1-3 hours after purchase. If you didn't receive the registration message from us within 12 hours, it usually means that the email message that we sent to you was lost because of some technical problems with one of the mail relay servers, or could not be delivered to your mailbox. Also, quite frequently the problem is with misconfigured SPAM filters, whenever they detect words like buy, order or purchase in the message body or subject, they block it. Please contact us about this problem. In case if you did not request the registration letter re-send in 24 hours, there will be no refunds given.

How do I reach Customer Support?
To reach Customer Support please click here. Be sure to fill out all required fields.