ActiveX DEV is a development division of B.E.I.C. ELECTRONICS which was founded in 1997.

ActiveX DEV focuses on providing its customers with innovative, professional components, controls, libraries, frameworks, tools and solutions, with the simple goal of making software development easier, faster and more cost effective.

We also offer custom component and application development services. For more information regarding custom software development service,
please contact us.

Latest Products
Base64 Tools for Windows   Ultimate Credit Card Checker Pro   Credit Card Validator Library
Base64 Tools for WindowsBase64 Tools for Windows is a simple and easy to use utility, which allows you to Encode / Decode File, Text, String, URL and any other data with a single click.   Ultimate Credit Card Checker ProUltimate Credit Card Checker Pro is a small, simple and innovative utility that can be used to Identify, Validate and Check almost all major Credit/Debit Card numbers (14 Credit/Debit Card types are supported).   Coming soon!
Base64 Tools for Windows Details   Ultimate Credit Card Checker PRO Details   Credit Card Validator Library Details
System Information Library   Registry Handler 32/64-bit Library   MD5 Hasher Library
System Information SDK DLL LibrarySystem Information Library is an SDK DLL Library for software developers, that allows you to gather technical information about the Computer and Windows, like OS Name, OS Platform, OS Architecture, CPU Vendor and Speed, Graphics card Vendor and Model Name, Total Memory (RAM) and System Uptime.   Registry Handler 32/64-bit SDK DLL LibraryRegistry Handler 32/64-bit Library is an SDK DLL Library for software developers, which can handle with the Windows Registry. This library allows you to manage keys and values in and from the Windows registry, fast and easy! It can read values, delete values or keys, add values or keys, supports all types of the registry values, such as: STRING, MULTI STRING, EXPAND STRING, BINARY, DWORD, QWORD.   MD5 Hasher SDK DLL LibraryMD5 Hasher Library is an SDK DLL Library for software developers, which allows you to Calculate/Generate MD5 Checksum (hash) from given File or String and Validate File or String against given MD5 Checksum. The Calculated/Generated 128-bit strength Checksum can be used as a digital signature for documents, files and virtually for any kind of digital data.
System Information Library Details   Registry Handler 32/64-bit Library Details   MD5 Hasher Library Details
Base64 Encode/Decode Library   Firewall Control Library   fxCommandButton ActiveX Control
Base64 Encode/Decode SDK DLL LibraryBase64 Encode/Decode Library is an SDK DLL Library for software developers, which allows you to Encode/Decode Strings, Files, URLs and other data like e-mail, defined in RFC 2045 : Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) or to send binary information through network connections.   Firewall Control SDK DLL LibraryFirewall Control Library is an SDK DLL Library for software developers, which allows you to Add/Remove Applications and Ports to/from Windows Firewall. Also you can Enable/Disable Firewall or Check Firewall state.   fxCommandButton ActiveX ControlfxCommandButton is an ActiveX Control for software developers. Itís a very quick and lightweight command button that allows you to add more visual button styles to your applications in all Windows versions.
Base64 Encode/Decode Library Details   Firewall Control Library Details   fxCommandButton ActiveX Control Details
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